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Product Name   Composition Packing
Protinol   Protein Powder I Granules (Chocolate Flavour) 200 g
Protinol-Plus   Protein with Methylcobalamin Powder 200 g
Protinol-C   Protein with Carbonyl Iron Powder 200 g
Prokem   Protein with Methylcobalamin (American Ice cream) 200 g
Curespring   Whey Protein 200 g
Enerbit   Energy Drink (Orange Flavour) 105 g
Enerbit Pouch Pack   Energy Drink (Orange Flavour) 210 g
Oxivit   Betacarotein, Multi Vitamins & Multi Minerals Cap. 10×10
Joint   Glucosamine, Vit. C & Magnesium 10×10
Joint-M   Glucosamine,; MSM, Vit. E & Magnesium 10×10
Joint-OD   Glucosamine 1500 mg, Vit. E & Magnesium lox 10
Re-Flay   Isoflavin, Natural Vit. E, Betacarotein Tab. 10×10
Cutral   ORS Powder 27.5 g

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